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Extra Income & Internet Marketing 101 ~ 2018

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1-16-18 ~ Today’s CONCERN

Cyber Currency SCAMS ~ Emergency Notice! As we see more and more programs using cyber currencies, there are a lot of victims losing money (dollars) in various ways with these “currencies”.  Please google: cyber currency scams

You may be shocked!!


2018 – **  Unlimited leads & Income Opportunity are very close….

Semester One ~ No books required (surprise # 1)

When organizing or reorganizing a effort to earn money on the internet, it is very easy and normal for a newbie or a veteran marketer to be 90% influenced by currently being considered sales page of a hyped income source/program – (mistake # 1).

Point # 2 Who from where might you be dealing with?

Does it matter? Probably. All veteran Promoters know that there are some individuals that they would just not want to do business with or any further dealings with (past experience?).

Point #3  Payment Processor The Opp.  Uses

We have this subject covered in a very safe way – believe me.  Super important!

Point #4   Due Diligence  ~  In detail

Point # 4 How long has the program been running ~ who owns it ~ from what country ~ Google its’ reviews.

OK, Now It Is Time

Now you may be in a better position to go looking for that desperately searched for “HOME BUSINESS INCOME OPPORTUNITY”  (ours includes an unlimited LEAD feature)  and you can >> look inside now

The Summary

Dick Morrison ~ 10 Yr+ ~ Networker