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Must Amputate Your Legs

Re:  Type 2 Diabetes Destroyer

“We have to amputate your legs. Today!”

That’s what the doctor said! “Without the amputation,” the doctor said to a patient, “you’ll be dead within a year.” All because he was one of 115 million Americans with pre diabetes or diabetes…

We don’t think we’re going to become a statistic. But that’s what this horrible disease does to folks. Did you know that every day, over 200 people with diabetes have a limb amputated? That’s over 70,000 per year. Even more distressing, 1 in 4 didn’t know they had diabetes until it was too late.

Worst of All..

But worst of all, amputation isn’t even the most dangerous part of uncontrolled blood sugar… You may or may not know……diabetes also leads to Alzheimers, dementia, heart failure and cancer.

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