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Creative Income Ideas

Brain Crushing Creativity

After blasting around the Internet for no telling how long looking for a profitable income program that will actually work, your thinking may get a little fuzzy. It happens to all of us even though we are alert to the clever (funnel) scams we commonly come across. The Creative Income Ideas so sincerely promoted quite often can produce some real disappointments, particularly in the amount of lost time.

Actually You Have…

You have probably found out that not all affiliate programs are NOT as good as advertised. Some are scams — you advertise for them, but somehow you never seem to get paid. A few change their Terms and Conditions after a period of time (when they already owe you a large amount) to suddenly exclude your site and conveniently not honor payments to you for the sales you have earned. And they can play other madding games too. Don’t forget: “Creative Income Ideas” cut two ways…….(You & They)

What Comes First

When searching for a income producing opportunity, – what comes FIRST in the factors that will bring you to your final decision in which opportunity to sign up with? Which FACTOR assuming you like the general scheme of the specific offering that you have narrowed your search down to.

___ It is “right down your alley”

___ Big name entrepreneur

___ 3 years or more old

___ Acceptable commissions

___ The marketing plan

___ A “Green” program

___ Super sharp sales pages

___ Your Mom likes it – ???????


You will automatically think of these things so it is good to think ahead and make your decisions a little easier. What is the order of importance, – perhaps the most important factor?

Guts or Gas

We all have both of these elements but when it comes to choosing a income businessopportunity, it is better to rely on the “guts” to dig out the right opportunity. You know it is out there, – you just need to making this all important decision, – we must be tenacious in our effort. Remember, most successful home business operators are not successful on their first (or second, etc.) effort. Giving up is simply not an option.

Oh yes….

About that important “factor” choice I mentioned above. Many would say that the Marketing plan is probably near or at the top because if you don’t have a real solid MARKETING PLAN/APPROACH, – you are handicapped. Another point not mentioned is: Cookies! Lifetime cookies are the best of course but one or two years is good, but 90 days or less is not good.

Onward to Prosperity ~ Dick Morrison