Extra Income

$$ – A Dangerous 2nd Income Idea

Dangerous because if you like camping and or traveling and camping, this hot 2nd income idea (or 1st) will cause you to LOOSE SLEEP guaranteed!  This is real…….

Campground Employment!!

Many people think of traveling as meaning luxury liner voyages, foreign ports, air travel packages, etc..  But do you know that far more people “travel” from place to place CAMPING?  Yes, – it may be for a week end or vacation and the destinations and details for the choices and “Parks” and campgrounds are almost endless. ** Key: it takes a lot of people to operate and maintain all these camping places.  A LOT of people and they are not volunteers anymore. To be profitable, the camps usually need 100 – 200 “spots (parking spots for motor homes, trailers tents) to be profitable. These camping businesses must hire people to help them run the camp because they simply cannot take care of all that needs to be done daily without HELP.

Help Wanted

No body wants to stay in a poorly maintained Campground (bad for referral business) and the owner knows it. A growing number of people who have lost their jobs or not satisfied with their present job situation have, discovered the “Campground” occupation and like it to the extent that they follow the occupation “South” in the winter and keep right on having a dependable income. How do you find these Jobs?  Easy answer:  Just google “Campground job opportunities” and you will be swamped with the opportunities, locations, companies and all kinds of details. As you should expect, you will have to work out the details that fit your particular wishes, desires, conditions or what ever.

A Career If You Want IT

The “Camping” industry is quietly growing all over the country and the opportunities right along with it.  Once you start researching it you will soon see what I mean.  The industry is enormous and is fueled by the human nature to “just get out there” and motor home manufacturers, camping equipment stores and do you think kids like the sound of “camping”?  If a worker is interested in working up in a Camping Co. or finding about how it would be to have his own campground, – what better way to learn the industry.  After all: “most things look different on the inside than they appear from the outside”!  Agreed?

Take Your Computer Among

With this idea, you can take the computer along and leave the house payment, rent payment, utility payment, snow shoveling, commutes, etc. BEHIND!!
Could this industry help You? Wow!

I could take my  2nd-incomz.com  too!

Happy Trails………..  Dick Morrison