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Thanks for dropping by and I hope you will find my information both useful and profitable. My background includes several years as a Insurance and Real Estate Broker, until early retirement. Now I promote, proven top tier home income businesses for life time income and how to MARKET them. Marketing is the key! It is impossible to over emphasize the importance of "Marketing". Challenging? Yes, but any worthwhile success is worth is worth it. It all starts with Attitude.

** Are You Fed Up?

Are you fed up with all the money making schemes that fill you inbox each day? Have you wasted enough time and money on deceptive promotions and feel like giving up?  Continue reading ** Are You Fed Up?


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10 Ways To FAIL In A Extra Income Home – 2nd Income Business

10 Ways To FAIL In A Extra Income Home Business –    (And see )

Oct 2, 2018 Here are 10 (there may be more) ways that usually leads to failure in a home Income producing business effort.  Listed in no particular order. Continue reading 10 Ways To FAIL In A Extra Income Home – 2nd Income Business

Why Are You Here?

Silly Question!

You want to find a way to earn extra income from a legitimate source that can grow into a long term source of CASH. Keep reading!

Internet Income Opportunity Seekers

All are finding out that being successful in today’s Income programs is a very slippery slope. Very few are even close to being as good as advertised.  And how to successfully promote a program is a challenge. Safelists, solo ads, text exchanges, bulk advertising, etc. just don’t cut it any more. We understand.


Today, the income source MUST provide up-scale commissions (no $20 commissions), be affordable to any serious “Searcher” and have a proven track record. The Commission schedule (a 2-up) MUST provide Leverage benefit to INFINITY. The answer is right here and we know that after each of our prospective members does due diligence on our Program and does not join us,he or she simply does not believe what we are proposing. I am inviting every reader here, to check us out toughly.


Yes, MARKETING! Marketing isn’t just a numbers game any more like it was “last year”. You can go broke using that idea today.


Thousands of “Income Seekers” are searching the Internet 24/7 searching for a safe, legitimate way to earn that income. So there is no shortage of good quality prospects. So as Entrepreneurs all we need to do is to promote what every bodywants – * Legitimate, honorable, proven, long term & growing income”. To make money, you have to spend some money (less than what you could spend at Starbucks in a month) – – NO business is ever successful without some overhead. My recommended business can be self supporting within a very short period of time, because we can make money QUICKLY!  Please read that again……..

Paper check…

We pay weekly by paper check (no payment processor problems here).*Our Program is Good in US and territories only.   Please click here.

Richard Morrison ~ 10yr+  Networker

May I Ask A Question?

** 10-4-18  –  A Cyber Currency

“Cyber Currency Problems” has been GOOGLED 8,180,000 times!!! (5-28-18)

Clearly, a lot of people are performing due diligence in regards to their possible involvement with some program that is using and/or promoting CC. They simply want to know more about CC. Good! Continue reading May I Ask A Question?

Extra Income & Internet Marketing 101 ~ 2018

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2018 – **  Unlimited Learning For Unlimited  Increase In Income…

Are You An Extra Income Seeker?

I assume you are or otherwise you wouldn’t be here in my Blog!  Glad you stopped by. My goal is to help you and not waste your time in the process.  I also aim to give you information that is without doubt helpful and is definitely “as good as advertised”.  Are we connected?  Good…

Continue reading Extra Income & Internet Marketing 101 ~ 2018

It Is Great…

Yes It Can Be Great  … $$!   ~  In 2018

“Wouldn’t It Be Great” to have a “Home Income Business” where all you had to do was settle down: (1) Work a proven (ever growing) income program (2) Having pasted all the “hype” schemes (3)  And you have quit reading other (shining object) Biz Opp. ads (the grass is always greener over  –  the SEPTIC TANK.

What Are The Answers?

Continue reading It Is Great…

Failing Networkers Wanted

money FLIPPING image99.9%…..

Yes, 99.9% of MLM, Networkers have failed or are NOT NOW, making Extra Income! That is not a disgrace, – it is factual for anyone around our Internet Marketing industry. These thoughts are meant to drive home (hard) what REALITY is, in our industry.

The Successful Ones

Most successful Networkers call their $$$ succes: “School of Hard Knocks” or “live and Learn” or “Win some Loose Some”, etc.. But obviously, they never QUIT!   Continue reading Failing Networkers Wanted