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Thanks for dropping by and I hope you will find my information both useful and profitable. My background includes several years as a Insurance and Real Estate Broker, until early retirement. Now I promote, proven top tier home income businesses for life time income and how to MARKET them. Marketing is the key! It is impossible to over emphasize the importance of "Marketing". Challenging? Yes, but any worthwhile success is worth is worth it. It all starts with Attitude.

— Looking Forward in 2019 —


** Extra Income For Joe or Jane    (Working for Yourself)

This Blog Recommends only One or Two Extra Income Opportunities.  I have rejected DOZENS of Opps. over the years because they usually WILL NOT work for the average Extra Income Seeker. Take your time as you read through my posts below.       Dick Morrison


Extra Income Seekers Flusterations Resolved

It is the extreme difficulties that Extra Income Seekers are having, that has prompted me to try to help with their online business efforts.

I get it that life isn’t just about money, I know that first hand.

And I know for a fact that we live in a world where we are supposed to help people (Income Seekers in this case) with the right weapons/methods which are vital. With Internet marketing (IM), many “Seekers” obviously ignore the most basic of basics in their efforts. I am talking about……….


There is nothing wrong with praying first before you make a decision. Takethe time to put God first and keep studying the word.

All In All

We all have our own abilities to help one another in this world. We don’t have the same walk in life. If you think about it, we live in a world where we physically look different, like different things, think differently, but why nothelp one another. And that certainly includes “Extra Income Seekers”!

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Dick Morrison ~ 10yr+  Networker




This Pays Daily …

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10 Ways To FAIL In A Extra Income Home – 2nd Income Business

10 Ways To FAIL In A Extra Income Home Business –   )

Dec 2, 2018 Here are 10 (there may be more) ways that usually leads to failure in a home Income producing business effort.  Listed in no particular order. Continue reading 10 Ways To FAIL In A Extra Income Home – 2nd Income Business

May I Ask A Question?

** 1-16-19  –  A Cyber Currency – What do You think about it?  Many CC promoters want you to “blindly invest”. I say, “Not so fast…

“Cyber Currency ” has been GOOGLED 62,900,000 times 1-16-19.”Cyber Currency Problems Googled 12,400,000 times 1-16-19.

Clearly, a lot of people are performing due diligence in regards to their possible involvement with some program that is using and/or promoting CC. They simply want to know more about CC. Good! Continue reading May I Ask A Question?