10 Ways To FAIL In A Extra Income Home – 2nd Income Business

10 Ways To FAIL In A Extra Income Home Business –   )

Dec 2, 2018 Here are 10 (there may be more) ways that usually leads to failure in a home Income producing business effort.  Listed in no particular order.

* Believing that you can be in profit without commitment and/or investment($).  Any    business  requires promotion and that translates into spend some money.

* Any income opportunity program that says you must down-load their program NOW because there are only 3 ? left for your area. Price will go up soon!

* You don’t need a “list”, – you can use the one we will furnish you. Why would they give you their list unless it had been used so much and now worthless.

* Joining a program shouting about how you can make $00,000? in days/weeks and you can get in for only $19.95. ?? Why don’t they just work it themselves?

* Join today – procrastination is expensive. Don’t be a tire-kicker (due diligence),because our program is newbie friendly. Others are in big $$$, – you will be too.

* Joining programs that pay low commissions of $10 – $50 rarely prove satisfying.  Why? Because even if you are selling you still can’t make any real money and you still have to pay over-head (advertising) to keep it going. Very, very few exceptions.

* Programs that pay commissions on a matrix system. Have you ever known anybody who was able to fill a matrix? Me either and I have been marketing/checking for years.

* ANY business making you use a “Broker” of some type to earn your potential profits.  There is no way of knowing if the “broker” is honest or not. Being recommended by some one means nothing.

* Joining programs claiming huge incomes. Thousands! Where do you think that income is  actually coming from? Probably from selling the program to other people just like YOU who have already paid the BIG money to join and you have to join (buy) in at “level” in order to sell THAT level or the it will get passed up to some one who is qualified to receive it. Bummer.…………..

* As a Summary. Regardless of how income programs are marketed, there are no easy money ways for us ordinary income seekers. Smartly written sales pages trick a lot of good folks into buying all kinds of deals. Many aim their promotions at “newbies” and are very successful and there is always a fresh supply of newbies (used to be called greenies). Try to know who you are dealing with. Of course, I do have a “income opportunity” for you to investigate!

Richard (Dick) Morrison





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