May I Ask A Question?

** 3-22-20  –  A Cyber Currency – What do You think about it?  Many CC promoters want you to “blindly invest”. I say, “Not so fast…

“Cyber Currency ” has been GOOGLED 53,700,000 times.  “Cyber Currency Problems”, Googled 37,800,000+ times 8-16-19.

Clearly, a lot of people are performing due diligence in regards to their possible involvement with some program that is using and/or promoting CC. They simply want to know more about CC. Good!

I Googled and stopped on the post by  Of course there are many more posts on the subject, – all good reading to bring to mind “things” to be aware of.

Pro & Cons

So this post is not for or against CC, but posted because a lot of people are getting hurt financially, usually because they didn’t investigate enough or got caught in a scam of some kind.

Taxes? “how are CC profits taxed”? Umnnn…

One of my associates says that you should look at Cyber currency investments the same as Las Vegas investments, – you could win big, or you won’t be disappointed and/or mad if something goes wrong. What do you think?

Dick Morrison   *To Start Slow ~ Last Long ~ Go Far…


** An “EYE OPENER”……….(banned sites)

(ethan vanderbuilt always “bad mouths” any income opp.)


Good morning,

As a veteran Internet Marketer who has experienced most of the problems and disappointments (you name – I tried it in my 10 yr.+ of Networking, and as I continue in the industry), it occurred to me that “I am surely not alone”!

So I wanted to ask… What is your story?

How many times have you been defeated in your marketing efforts? Have you failed to perform adequate due diligence BEFORE you invested in some program? What do you think of the ads (60 – 75% of them) now promoting nothing but advertising to promote YOUR business, -assuming you even have a business that you are willing to associate YOUR GOOD NAME with.

Income Programs advertised as being “world wide” automatically also mean “payment processor” concerns! Better check that right up front! Cyber currency promotions are running wild even though many have ceased (google: cyber currency failures – if you dare). Anyone can start/advertise a cyber currency deal and be a 100% fraud. I like those who describe cyber currency investing as being just like going to Las Vegas, – – get it?

I like IM!

I routinely search for legit “Extra Income Opportunities” (1 or 2 each week) and yes, I am careful. Some would like to call that “tire kicking – so be it – – you wouldn’t buy a car with bad tires would you? Oh, – one other thing: those BIG income programs (like spin-offs from EN times) would do better it the top level was $500! What do you think?

Dick Morrison ~








2 thoughts on “May I Ask A Question?

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