Unwanted Results

(this story is unconfirmed..)

Losing Weight Horror Story
I was recently reading about a lady (lets call her Marble here) that was determined to lose weight and had the mindset to make it happen – damn the fat!!
Not an unusual situation. Being overweight is certainly not a laughing matter.  I know!  And undoubtedly different methods of getting the weight off will work for different people.  But since we are all different as individuals, –  there simply cannot be “one method that will work for all” except just quit eating, but then that course is not very appealing. either.

Ah-Haa, A Possible Answer

The sales material looked like the answer to Marble’s prayers.  She order IT and started just like the directions said to do. It was a Saturday, so not necessary to go to work (fortunately). Forward 10 minutes  (10 MINUTES).
>   Bubble Gut!  Like diarrhea is on the way!  It was!
>   A Poop Explosion! Loud and ~*&#^^!  All day long!
>   A real “butt hole burner”!  Most intense!
>   ? This is how to lose weight??
>   Colon cleanser, Yeah!  Wow!  The colon may even be GONE!
>   Heart flutter – Yes, some!  Jittery – Yes!
>   Product COST! Yes that is gone too – NO REFUND! Hum Bug!
Marble says she rested (at home) for 4 days, joined a health club, – quit going to McDonalds – buys all grocery stuff from a ‘Nature’s Best” type health food store and stopped reading ANY “Weight Loss” literature, – no matter who recommends it. Threatens to punch anybody who even mentions weight loss programs!  A total 180 “mindset” adjustment.  Total!  Case closed!  Do you know anybody who can relate to this experience?  Three  old hoofers
Best Wishes,  DM


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