Where Is Some Money

Where Is Some Money ~ I need it….

Have you ever felt like there is income opportunities all around you but you just couldn’t find the opportunity that fits you to start earning that money? I think you have felt exactly that way, – we all have. I was in McDonalds one day and over heard two older men talking and they were talking about money and how one (let’s call him Ed) of them was earning extra money when he wanted to or needed to have more cash. That got my attention because as you know, that is what I write about in this blog. I hoped my eve dropping wasn’t noticed..money  FLIPPING image

The Idea

Ed’s idea was surprisingly simple. He said he had a little Toyota pick-up truck that got real good gas mileage and when the weather was nice and he felt like “it”, he would go around to several auto repair & body shops around the southern part of Denver and offer to haul off any and all damaged car metal pieces caused from wrecks. His goal was to net at least $100 each time he went out. The repair shops were glad to get rid of their “junk” metal as the area garbage truck didn’t want junk metal in their trash pick ups if they could help it. If the repair shop had any junk metal (and they always did), Ed would haul it off and even take some stuff he didn’t want because the repair shop liked that too, to help keep his place looking a little neater which was always a problem.

The Cash

Ed sells his scrap metal to salvage yards (of course). Later, I looked up “scrap metal prices” on the computer and discovered a wealth of information about that Industry. It is BIG! There are prices for autos ($100?) and auto bodies. Ferrous metal: Mixed steel, lathe turnings, frame steel and anything that a magnet will stick to. Non Ferrous metals: Copper, aluminum, brass, bronze beverage cans, – any metal that a magnet will NOT stick to. There are some other categories but the ones mentioned here are good to start with and the source for this scrap is in EVERY auto body shop all over the country. The price per pound for any type of metal will vary quite a bit in different parts of the country, but it can easily be found out with a phone call to any scrap dealer, – they want your business. I was surprised to find out that they will buy almost any amount of scrap, like maby just a few pounds which will make it easy for a “newbie” scrap collector to sample the business.

More Metal – More Cash

This idea got me to thinking about all the “metal” that in many cases is just an eye sore in the weeds laying around in many vacant lots, farms, commercial properties, manufacturing plants (large & small), even in dumps! How about illegal dumping places? Getting rid of unwanted metal helps the community look a lot better, – now if we can just get people to cut the weeds.

One More Thing

I see “Ed” has a new truck………… Best Wishes, Dick Morrison


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