“Colorado Corn”

Good morning,


Going through Texas (driving) can have a profound effect

on just about anyone. It is a big “place”! I found this huge

swimming pool and then found out it was Lake Buchanan!!

It even effected my speech! Although I live in Colorado

now, everyone thinks I am from Texas, just because the

way I talk. Its true.


Oh, I forgot to mention that it took me 2+ years to get

through Texas! But the people are great there and the

stories are endless about all the different people who

have made headlines. But Colorado is my favorite place.

I live at approximately 6,770 ft. altitude South of Denver

and the mountains “are right over there” where I can

keep an eye on them. The stories here are interesting too.

**Like the fellow who became very rich and

could only speak 3 words of English??


The TV always shows how snowy and cold it is in Colorado

but actually the bad weather comes and goes fast usually.

For some reason it seems like almost every car in the state

likes to get out on the interstate when it is icy and just sit

there in long lines until some guy way up front wants to

slide on out of the way. Crazy! I stay home till its clear.


That is all for now, – I need to go to the out-house and

plug in the heater….hello    how U doing      6  25


Stay warm & skinny,


Uncle Roy


PS ** The 3 English words:   “stick ’em up”!


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