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“Gut Check”

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“Have you ever wondered why it is that some people who have huge intellectual ability fail miserably in life, while some who are not so gifted succeed gloriously?  Or why some people can take knock after knock after knock, and still get up, dust themselves off, and get on with life – yet others are “down and out for the count” after the smallest challenge?
Or how some people can fix their eyes on a goal and just never give up until they get there, no matter how long it takes?

The answer to all the above lies in one word: attitude.  Dr Martin Seligman has done a great deal of research, and found that one of the main factors that keeps people going through challenges, disappointments and the various disasters that life throws at us is optimism, and that (even for those who are natural pessimists) optimism can be learned in fact Dr Seligman himself confesses to being by nature a pessimist!

Dr Seligman points out three main areas of difference between optimists and pessimists when faced with challenges, failures or opposition.
The first concerns how they see the duration of the problem. The optimist sees it as temporary, the pessimist as permanent.  If an optimist fails an exam, he will say “I failed that exam, but I will do well on the next one.”  The pessimist who fails an exam will say “I failed. I’m never going to pass this course.”

The second relates to the scope of the problem: the optimist sees it as affecting one are of life only, whilst the pessimist sees it as affecting everything.
The optimist says, “I failed my history exam, but I did well in math.” The pessimist says, “I failed. I’m never going to succeed in life.”

The third area concerns the cause of the problem. The optimist will look for causes outside of himself, the pessimist always sees himself as to blame.
Optimist: “The exam asked about things that we had not covered in the course.” Pessimist: “I’m just no good at history (and I never will be.)”
The good news is that, with a little effort, we can change pessimistic attitudes into optimistic ones. To do it, we have to use our conscious mind to challenge the wrong perceptions and thought patterns that have hidden in our subconscious for many years.
Lynn Fowler

So, you have failed the history exam. The first thought that comes to your mind is “I’m never going to pass this course!” Immediately you recognize it, you say (out loud if possible) “STOP!” (Some people like to wear an elastic band around their wrist and flick it to grab their mind’s attention.)

Now challenge the assumption – simply tell yourself, “That’s not true!” Present your mind with arguments to the contrary: “This was just one exam. I can make it up during the rest of the course.”
Maybe your second thought is, “I’m never going to succeed in anything.” Again, STOP!
Tell yourself this is not true. Tell yourself that this is only one very small area of your life, and that it has absolutely no bearing in the other areas.  Even if you flunk this course miserably, you can still have a great life.  If you find yourself thinking, “I’m a failure” or “I’m just hopeless” STOP!  Tell yourself this is not true. Remind yourself of areas where you have known success, and where you have ability.  It will seem strange at first, but after a while you will become quite adept at arguing with yourself!

(Now, there is a sense in which taking it personally is good – when it relates to what we have done, rather than what we are. If the guy who failed the history exam had said, “I didn’t study hard enough” then he would be taking responsibility for his own actions, which leaves him room to change his actions (i.e., study harder) in the future. But if he just says, “I’m no good at history” or “I’m not academically gifted” or “I’m just plain dumb!” then he is not taking responsibility, but rather blaming the “genetic lottery” that caused him to be as he is. If we are to succeed in any area of life – or, indeed, in life itself – we absolutely MUST be prepared to take responsibility for our own actions and their consequences.)

Why is this important for your business? When it all boils down, we are sales people. We are seeking to “sell” others on the idea of joining our business. In the “real” world, sales people have to deal with refusals all the time. How they handle those refusals will determine their level of success, or whether they give up and walk away after a few months.

As online business people, we don’t have the face-to-face rejection that offline sales people do. But there will be days when you have been working hard and seem to see no result. There will be times when your business just does not seem to be growing at the rate you would like it to be. If you approach those times with a pessimistic attitude – that this will go on forever, that it will ruin every part of your life, and that it is all your own fault because you are just hopeless – then you will soon give up and walk away. On the other hand, if you are able to turn your thinking around to see that this is only temporary, that it only affects this little bit of your life, and that whilst there may be areas where you can improve (take responsibility) it is not the result of some fault in your nature, then whilst you may not be dancing in the aisles, you will keep on going.

If you are prone to pessimistic responses, work on changing them to optimistic ones. You will find that not only your business but all your life will improve dramatically.”
Lynn Fowler  Re: Dr. Seligman

Gut Check – We all need it once in a while – Hang Tough

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Incomes and Survival

* They Must Go Together

If You Want Something Done – You Better….. (You know the answer)

Yes! Do it yourself and this DEFINITELY applies to the effort of bringing in more money and today the matter of basic (and family) survival should be thought about more and more.

How about this subject:

Of course this subject is not new but what is new to most folks is the facts that the financial and possible survival circumstances of people in this country (USA) is rapidly getting very serious.

How about “Bulletproofing Your Home”:

As Americans (in the richest country in the world) we have been brain washed in our thinking that

we have and are entitled to all the best of every thing. Just one Example: If all possible -have a new house and it should be at least 3,000+ Sq. ft.. cost $300K to $500K. Secondly: Who would think of having a new house without new furniture? More$$$$! Thirdly: You don’t want a used car sitting in the driveway, – New car: More $$$!money  FLIPPING image

This Reality List could go on for quite a bit more, and it definitely does – would you agree?

But Can We Afford It ALL to Infinity? NO! And actually realizing these facts, – who is actually thinking seriously about these things and making any preparations for the “if & when”…… Do you think your personal diaster is possible?

How About “Blackout USA”: (WWWIII?)

Trying To Encourage Preparation

This post is about serious concerns that are becoming more and more concerning each day. Our government debt, entitlement policies, greed, declining respect for law & order, easy credit, morals, comprising Christian values, ALL lead to disaster. If you don’t think so, just look at countrys like Greece, Portugal, Argentina, Venezuela and others. This is no exaggeration. Please think about your own life, family, home, money and what ever else is important to YOU!

Best Wishes – USA…

Dick Morrison

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Where Is Some Money

Where Is Some Money ~ I need it….

Have you ever felt like there is income opportunities all around you but you just couldn’t find the opportunity that fits you to start earning that money? I think you have felt exactly that way, – we all have. I was in McDonalds one day and over heard two older men talking and they were talking about money and how one (let’s call him Ed) of them was earning extra money when he wanted to or needed to have more cash. That got my attention because as you know, that is what I write about in this blog. I hoped my eve dropping wasn’t  FLIPPING image

The Idea

Ed’s idea was surprisingly simple. He said he had a little Toyota pick-up truck that got real good gas mileage and when the weather was nice and he felt like “it”, he would go around to several auto repair & body shops around the southern part of Denver and offer to haul off any and all damaged car metal pieces caused from wrecks. His goal was to net at least $100 each time he went out. The repair shops were glad to get rid of their “junk” metal as the area garbage truck didn’t want junk metal in their trash pick ups if they could help it. If the repair shop had any junk metal (and they always did), Ed would haul it off and even take some stuff he didn’t want because the repair shop liked that too, to help keep his place looking a little neater which was always a problem.

The Cash

Ed sells his scrap metal to salvage yards (of course). Later, I looked up “scrap metal prices” on the computer and discovered a wealth of information about that Industry. It is BIG! There are prices for autos ($100?) and auto bodies. Ferrous metal: Mixed steel, lathe turnings, frame steel and anything that a magnet will stick to. Non Ferrous metals: Copper, aluminum, brass, bronze beverage cans, – any metal that a magnet will NOT stick to. There are some other categories but the ones mentioned here are good to start with and the source for this scrap is in EVERY auto body shop all over the country. The price per pound for any type of metal will vary quite a bit in different parts of the country, but it can easily be found out with a phone call to any scrap dealer, – they want your business. I was surprised to find out that they will buy almost any amount of scrap, like maby just a few pounds which will make it easy for a “newbie” scrap collector to sample the business.

More Metal – More Cash

This idea got me to thinking about all the “metal” that in many cases is just an eye sore in the weeds laying around in many vacant lots, farms, commercial properties, manufacturing plants (large & small), even in dumps! How about illegal dumping places? Getting rid of unwanted metal helps the community look a lot better, – now if we can just get people to cut the weeds.

One More Thing

I see “Ed” has a new truck………… Best Wishes, Dick Morrison

“Colorado Corn”

Good morning,


Going through Texas (driving) can have a profound effect

on just about anyone. It is a big “place”! I found this huge

swimming pool and then found out it was Lake Buchanan!!

It even effected my speech! Although I live in Colorado

now, everyone thinks I am from Texas, just because the

way I talk. Its true.


Oh, I forgot to mention that it took me 2+ years to get

through Texas! But the people are great there and the

stories are endless about all the different people who

have made headlines. But Colorado is my favorite place.

I live at approximately 6,770 ft. altitude South of Denver

and the mountains “are right over there” where I can

keep an eye on them. The stories here are interesting too.

**Like the fellow who became very rich and

could only speak 3 words of English??


The TV always shows how snowy and cold it is in Colorado

but actually the bad weather comes and goes fast usually.

For some reason it seems like almost every car in the state

likes to get out on the interstate when it is icy and just sit

there in long lines until some guy way up front wants to

slide on out of the way. Crazy! I stay home till its clear.


That is all for now, – I need to go to the out-house and

plug in the heater….hello    how U doing      6  25


Stay warm & skinny,


Uncle Roy


PS ** The 3 English words:   “stick ’em up”!

Crash Test Dummy

Stop being: “The Crash Test Dummy”…….

……of Business Opportunity programs!   Have you been feeling that way?  I have.

Anyone who has been working with internet marketing very long knows the feeling. If you are reading this, it means you haven’t given up.

Good! You are not beat unless you give up. Overlook all the negative comments you may get from well meaning family and/or friends (what do they know about our industry anyway).

We can all read books, attend seminars, take courses, subscribe to wildly  promoted gurus’ stuff, read Entrepreneurs magazine, but it will come down to that one final authority for success: ” Me – Myself – & – I” !

Carve it in stone. Stop being a “Crash Test Dummy”!

I think ANYONE should start>  here!

Dick Morrison


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