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This Blog Recommends only “Legitimate” Areas of Interest. I have rejected DOZENS of Programs over the years because they usually were not near as good as advertised.  

Dick Morrison



Are You Ready For A BIGGER INCOME?

Here you will find many of the biggest Super Affiliates in the world (NO this is not WA). They would not be here if they were not making a lot of money. So here is your opportunity to follow in their foot steps if you access the course, below.

The Best Instruction Possible

Many years of experience and refining by top earners are behind this Super Affiliate System training. My link below, is the Gateway, – and by being presented through Clickbank, you know that you are entering the course RISK FREE. Yes!

Take Advantage

By taking advantage of this training, you can learn quickly, what you need to know to become a Super Affiliate in the niche of your choice. The instruction is very focused, easy to understand and kept up to date. Very important. Everything is aimed at “success” and It all starts with “mind set”!

(U have a beard? ~ doesn’t matter)

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To Your Great Success,

Richard (Dick) Morrison


** AIOP – The low cost – easy to use & unlimited Autoresponder(s), plus Page makers, etc. The absolute best and has been for years. You simply must have a A/R to build a successful, long term, online business!

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Hello Entrepreneur,

Re: Home Based Income

I am assuming that you are interested in HOME BASED INCOME business, where you are in control of everything. Me too! You may already have a business that could use “help”, to grow it into a LIFETIME INCOME. I work business ONLINE, because it costs next to nothing compared to a “brick & mortar” store someplace. Plus avoiding highway/street traffic – what a blessing that can be. Continue reading Income & Info 2019


May I Ask A Question?

** 3-6-19  –  A Cyber Currency – What do You think about it?  Many CC promoters want you to “blindly invest”. I say, “Not so fast…

“Cyber Currency ” has been GOOGLED 53,700,000 times.  “Cyber Currency Problems”, Googled 37,900,000 times 1-16-19.

Clearly, a lot of people are performing due diligence in regards to their possible involvement with some program that is using and/or promoting CC. They simply want to know more about CC. Good! Continue reading May I Ask A Question?